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Second Most Popular Boot in NYC: Conquest High Boot

(if you are in NYC, you are seeing these boots)

This right here is THE most popular boot in NYC that is only second to the Nike ACG Boot. The boot isn’t my style at all, but I will definitely agree that it looks good (I just don’t like the whole rubber booty around the bottom).

It comes in a few colorways and also in low top form as well. Can’t say how comfortable they are because I never tried them on, but considering the amount of people wearing them, I am gonna hazard a guess that they are at least tolerable when it comes to comfort


  • Two front zips with leather pull tabs at either side of the tongue for a secure fit. “POLO”-embossed Velcro® front tab closure feeds through a metal ring at one side and overlaps the zipped tongue. Single pull tab at the heel.
  • Applied leather panels at the sides with embossed “POLO” at one side. Contrasting pebbled leather at the toe with stitched detail.
  • Textured rubber reinforcement at the heel. Inset leather detail with quilted stitching at the top back for a comfortable fit.
  • Padded insole. Treaded rubber sole for maximum traction.
  • Leather. Imported.

Source: Polo

Can’t say much more about the boots… Strangely they don’t say if they are waterproof and with those zippers so low… I don’t know lol

If your in NYC you know about it already. Anybody wearing them in your part of town? You can get them direct from Polo RIGHT HERE (as well as a bunch of other stuff) for a rain boot protecting price of $129

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