The Life and Culture of Kicks

Remember This – Nike Zoom T-Bug Flight

(don’t think they will retro these for some reason)

This sneaker may bring back memories (it doesn’t for me) for some of those who watched the game of basketball back in the day. According to the magazine this pic was scanned out of Kicks Magazine, these were worn by non other than Tim Hardaway.

You know what I wonder? I wonder if these “fingers” actually worked. They look like they should but I don’t know… anyway, I like the white and grey one the most (in the upper left).

Can’t see them retro’ing these pair though but what I can imagine is that they make some sort of Tim Hardaway “Air-Max-Allot” hybrid or fusion. If they do that I can’t imagine  how the “fingers” will fit into the hybrid though but they would just HAVE to be in there

One response


    damn they need to retro them shits they where FIRE talkin about memories I brought them white joints from Fordham RD in the bronx and them b*t**es sold me two left shoes!!!!! u kno I was rite back in there but them joints were sik

    August 30, 2010 at 11:38 am

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