The Life and Culture of Kicks


Way back when it was 2009, Clarks worked with different designers artist and such to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Look at some of the pictures, they sure came up with some interesting costume Clarks.

As you can imagine, I am particularly fond of the one Anna Heylen designed of which has the high heel shoe painted on the side of the Clarks. Best of both worlds.

Here is some detail on some of the participants:

All participants voluntary customized the Clarks Originals Desert Boot. They are a few of the millions of fans that have collected the laced shoe over it’s 60 years. Best known are probably Bob Dylan and band members of The Beatles, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. According to illustrator Piet Paris, soon Lilly Allen will walk around in his pair of customized boots. His young edition of the classic shoe is inspired by her. Karen van de Kraats’ design is called ‘ABOUT’. She used the shoes to write all kinds of facts about the desert on them. The Belgian all-round creative Franky Claeys got his inspiration from fata morganas and dazzled the shoe with pieces of mirror. A list of all participants included their inspiration and CV is enclosed with this press release.Source: Sneaker Freaker

Straight heat. Just diggin in those sneaker crates… December 2nd 2009 on Sneaker

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