The Life and Culture of Kicks

On Sale: Converse STAR PLAYER Varvatos Ankle Sneakers

(because worn sneakers are in)

Well who doesn’t want there brand new sneaker to look like its already been put through its paces? Apparently this is very in right now (sort of like these HERE for over $2,000+) and it looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future. Not sure what to say about this idea… sometimes it looks great, other times I wonder why would you want already scuffed kicks when you can do that yourself?

And speaking of ruined kicks, these particular pair of converses will set you back almost $300 USD… yes you are probably wondering what does ruined kicks have to do with the price of the sneaker… I was going somewhere with that but I guess my purposly ruined sentence will have more coolness and be worth more than a brand new unmarked sentence would.

You can  get them HERE if you wish.

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