The Life and Culture of Kicks

Looks like Puma got something for us this summer… Jovi Rockwell’s PUMA photoshoot and video shoot

(its gotta be the shoes)

Man, I swear Nike better watch it’s back cause not only is Reebok trying to make a comeback (and using fitness for the ladies to do it… yes they did that bfore, remeber the Freestyle?), but Puma is trying to get back in the game of being the sneaker you will see just as often as you see Nike.

But can they do it?

They are teaming up with Jovi Rockwell for their summer blitz. Personally i have never heard of Jovi until now, but she has been out for a hot minute and best of all she sounds good too. Justr watch the video:

More pictures and junk on The HERE (shout out to the 305!!! they won’t admit it but they got mad sneaker love, just look at the pictures they have on the site lol)

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