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Jordan says STOP cmplaining about quality… BIN23 is coming

(does better materials make this sneaker look better)

You know its sorta funny that the first sneaker the show for this new program designed to be the answer to peoples complaints about Jordan sneaker quality is one of the worst looking of the whole Air Jordan line up. I mean wasn’t it those very same AJ2’s that almost made MJ himself hurl? Granted there are very few colorways that make up for the over all look of this kick but its still one of the worst looking and probably close to last in performance too…

So why did they pick this one first? Not sure. haven’t seen any other BIN23 kicks being shown so I have to say that this is done on purpose. Does the materials make the sneaker look better? Seems so at least from the pictures.


“BIN23 is an example of how you can make a small pinnacle experience. We’re starting this BIN23 concept that we’ll run for the year, and it’s basically just taking a look at things that never came out. We have this bin of just great things that we’re going to hand off to the consumer and let them experience. We have this very cool branding and experience around it that we feel really good about. It’s not going to be on the broader level of a release like the Space Jams, but it’s kind of like a smaller energy that’s comparable in size. We’re really excited about that. We’ll take that through the Retro filter, and it’ll be a colorway and material elevation.”

Source: Sole Magazine

Can’t wait to see my all time favorite Air Jordan (the AJ14’s) get the BIN23 treatment as well as others. I guess this could be a very good idea… and if they throw in some collaberations, it will make it all the better.

Can’t wait till the sneakernets start talking about these.

First seen on Sole Magazine and can also be seen HERE as well on SneaKerFreaker.

Currently on sale at Sneakers N Stuff RIGHT HERE

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