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On Sale: Nike Dri-FIT Elite No-Show Running Socks… because who wants to see socks?

(why are they so expensive???)

I have to know something. Why are socks so frekin expensive? Its like once they added some technology and that dri-fit whatever to it, the price went up like 200% or something. These pair is sold one… yes one per pack for $12

$12 dollars for one pair of socks that will get lost in the laundry in like 4 months?

Anyway if there was  some reason that you guys wanted to buy a pair… one pair… of socks and you wanted it to be a really good pair, then think about it at NikeStore HERE. they got 2 colors.

I’ll admit I bought a pair or 2 in my lifetime and they do feel really really good. So if you want to treat your feet, this is the way to go.

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