The Life and Culture of Kicks

Makayla’s Nike Dunk Hi Skinny Women’s Shoe PART 2


So you are in the market for the funkiest sneaker you have ever seen, right? Well maybe this is up your ally. This things have so many details in them that I am still finding things on the sneaker. I mean for real… ladies, you want to stand out a little? Get these kicks RIGHT HERE.

What’s crazy about them is that there are still a bunch of sizes left. Well, maybe that isn’t so crazy cause the sneaker does have alot going on and I am sure many will be put off by them, but I have to say for some wild kicks, they work rather ok.

The NikeStore site says this design is in partnership with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital … but that has to be an error on the page so if you see that, ignore it cause itn’t not true (and if it is, how did so many miss that, ESPECIALLY since every one of those Doernbecher Children’s Hospital kicks went to auction???)

Anyway, I hope the ladies (and I guess some guys) appreciate seeing these. I would consider it a collectible due to the unique qualities of them so if you want something a little crazy in the mix, pick these.

Currently at NikeStore online for $100.00 and you can GET THEM HERE.

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