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HEY… you a Boxer? You Like adidas Originals? Here you go… LACE BOXING BOOT SNEAKERS

(yes, this is a mens boot)

So you are a boxer you say? FANTABULOUS because I have a boot by ORIGINALS from adidas that will knock you off your feet (especially when you realize you will pay 300+ dollars for it).

Now that is a boot. They don’t come out until March of 2010 so you have a few weeks more to save up to be truly original. Not sure about the flowery details for a guy shoe/boot/sneaker (whatever the hell this is) but I think a guy can rock this if his fashion balls are big enough.

Of course you can get them at my favorite site to look for the most interesting footwear HERE at for $303 dollars. THEY DON’T COME OUT TILL MARCH 2010 so start saving if you want them.

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