The Life and Culture of Kicks

Nike Snowboarding x Arbito – Zoom Force 1 Boot… because Pharrell likes to snowboard

(not even on the slopes would I wear these… but they do look nice) posted this a few weeks ago and I have to say they are pretty good looking BUT there would be no way on Earth that I would wear them. Its just not my style but apparently it fits Pharrell quite nicely because he managed to work it out.

I am sure even on the slopes, these would look rather tame. I had some loud snow gear in my time and it looked pretty nice in the snow background so I don’t think these look that crazy… in the snow.

But I still wouldn’t wear them lol WAY too much going on. I would, if I could, add them to my collection and totally admire the artwork on them. Once I have totally appreicated them art wise, I would eventually give it away to charity (or auction it off to charity) because shoes are meant to be worn sooner or later, right?

No release info. ARBITO website is HERE.

Original story about kicks HERE on

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