The Life and Culture of Kicks

Timberland Moutian Athletics… watch out for the bear chasing you

(just wondering if anybody would cop these)

Was gonna post this a looooooong time ago but just plain forgot. Have to admit that SOME of the sneakers… or should I say trail shoes… look pretty nice. Lets face it, if you are running the train you are not thinking about “ohhh my new kicks just got mud and they got sliced by some rocks and a tree branch”

In case you are into this kinda stuff, or just want something more essential than visual, take a look at the timberland site (that many celebs seem to like and is a staple for rappers, even the ones who are off that lol)

Click HERE for the crazy site they made to introduce the sneakers/shoes. You may want to turn down your sound, because i didn’t and was rudely surprised by “don’t give up” and bear growls (the site is also is interactive and if you don’t move your mouse…. WATCH OUT lol

And YES they HAVE AN APP for that… why I don’t know.

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