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Diggin’ In The Sneaker Crates: Air Jordan Spizike “Kings County”

(ahhh yes the Kings County Spizike… do YOU have this?)

Lets face it, the colorway for this particular Spiz’ike is off the spizzy (and not nesicarily in a good way). It can work for those with the gift to put together outfits and such, but at the end of the day the colorway was a so-so look.

Pics via

But then you put Brooklyn aka Kings County on it and now you cooking with non-dehydrogenated oil… yes I sad it.

I forget just why these were so controversial when the first pictures came on the scene, but if you wanted a sneaker that matches a card in the deck, you were happy to get these. I think these are collectibles MOSTLY because they represent Spike, Jordan and Brooklyn (home of Do The Right Thing and if I am not mistaken home of Spike Lee AND Micheal Jordan… but hey I could be wrong)

Just digging in those sneaker crates… April 2007 on Sneakers and Shoes

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