The Life and Culture of Kicks

beGrown… beSexy MEN: Nike Air Force 1 High Hiker

(feel like I can really go hiking in these)

You know those SUV’s that really aren’t meant to go off road at all? Well, maybe you could take these hiking and they may ctually do the job… but why in the hell would you take a Buick Enclave or Range Rover into the woods? (your probably wondering how I can say Buick Enclave and Range Rover in the same sentence… lol well, I really like the Enclave)

Make no mistake about it folks, this sneaker is for looking the look without doing the do. And the best part of it all is that you will definaitly look grown and sexy while wearing them. Ladies… geltemen… this sneaker is for you.

More info if you click HERE on

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