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On Sale: Puma Drift Cat II SF Casual Shoe

(well now isn’t this an interesting look)

Pua seems to be always making a sneaker with ties to Ferrari. So if you can imagine yourself coming out of a Ferrari you may see yourself in a pair of these (if anything, it has the same prancing horse on it).

I have to admit that these caught my eye as I was browsing the internet for sneakers and shoes. they are nice and clean, original euro style (remember when that was REALLY popular in NYC back in 2006-07?), and it has a nice pattern that doesn’t totally overtke the sneaker.

I think I am in love.

Details (courtesy of Finishline):

This high-octane, Formula One-inspired shoe will get your blood pumping. The Puma Drift Cat II SF features a leather and synthetic upper with repeat print detail and Ferrari branding. A cushy midsole gives you comfort and support, while an oil-resistant outsole to keep you on track.

Get a pair if you wish AT FINISHLINE.COM by clicking here. These type of sneakers stlye tends to be one size smaller than what it says (especially size 12) so either try it on in a store or know your size.

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