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Looks Like The Air Max 2009+ NFW Has Some New Colors

(who says no fly wire is a bad idea

Just in time for winter… a very cold winter… we get 3 new colorways for the Air Max 2009+ using leather. I am glad that they came out with the all black one first because that pair can be easily worn to work and it won’t be a big deal because they are black (even though the sneaker in all black look all plain).

They can be all yours for 160 dollars a pair. I think I may have to get myself one because running/walking in 19 degree weather probably requires some leather protection. The white and red are still my favorites but that black silver and green is right behind it as a second favorite.

Head over to Finishline for more info.

One response

  1. wow, this kind of air max 2009 look so good
    i love air max 2009, it is a good kind runing shoes,i am a runing lover.

    August 12, 2010 at 1:55 am

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