The Life and Culture of Kicks

On Sale: Asics Gel-Fanatic Men’s Running Shoe

(not a bad casual look)

And it looks just as good in black. This is one of those undercover kicks you can wear, be comfortable and still be stylish without doing the “be like everybody else)” thing. Currently under 100 bucks at Finishline.

One response

  1. Bought this shoes and first time I used they were great!
    They are comfortable a feel wonderful.

    However, after using them for three runs I started feeling a ridiculous pain inside my lag, just next to my calf. I did not change anything in my running routine, only the shoes. So I went on line and found that this shoes were designed to compensate for suppination (which is actually a very unusual orthopedics problem).
    I went back to my Mizzunos and the pain is gone!
    So I would recommend the shoes if you suppinate, but if you don’t, don’t buy the shoes or you will end up getting hurt.

    Also, don’t buy it from Foot Locker online. Their costumer care is terrible and if you have any problems with the shoes it will be just a hassle. Unless you are 200% sure of what you want and the have the best price out there, buying online with them is an overall bad experience.

    August 13, 2011 at 12:06 am

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