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Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Rainbow Attack 2008

There was a point that in 2008 where we would see sneakers in some fantastically crazy colorways. Eastbay (in the catalog and online) started a whole section dedicated to the colors. At this moment while I am typing, I am trying to find my old Eastbay catalogs just to show you guys how crazy it got.

But I am sure those who got the catalog from 2008 already know what I am talking about.

So just how crazy did it get?

Yes you can see the pictures. It got really crazy… Rainbow Brite funny to be exact. Some of those kicks look great while others… not so much.

I guess there is something for everyone when it came to the 2008 rainbow attack. Believe me when I say that there were allot more rainbow colored themed sneakers that were released than pictured above.

I hope you have not been blinded by some of the pics lol

Just digging in those sneaker crates…

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