The Life and Culture of Kicks

the ladies seem to get the best colorways… New Air Max 2009+ in Black-Sport Red

(I can see the guys buying this one right now lol)

Nike has decided to show the ladies some real love with the Air Max 2009+ because release after release  or a new colorway seems to be on the ladies side. Sure the men get the Volt and silver-red colorways but the ladies have almost 4 different non-disputable hot colorways AT LEAST.

The Air max 2009+ is the most comfortable sneaker I have even worn. I am sure its the same for the women. If you run (or do allot of walking) in the city, this is a pair of kicks for you. Personally I like running on the track with my Air Max 2009+ and leave the sidewalk running to the adidas mega-bounce. But if I had to choose one, it would be the Air max 2009+

Get them at Finishline right now. PRICE BE DAMNED! You need this sneaker if you want to feel true comfort while walking or jogging (running… well maybe not so much… I think it really depends on how you run and your foot, but when does it not depend on that?)

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