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On Sale: Air Jordan 12 Rising Sun at Eastbay

(so they finally released it… so far NYC loves it)

Its been a while yall and I most certainly missed blogging these past few weeks. Setting up a new site that you are passionite about seems to take longer to finish than doing a site for someone else. Its like the art takes over and you loose  sight of the science of it all… you know, the technical details.

Anyway I am back to blogging while I work on the behind the scenes stuff (crossing fingers for a November 30 grand opening). In the mean time, lets get back to this sneaker release. The Air jordan 12 Rising Sun was suppossed to release last month, but there was a slight problem with the insole having a symbl of the japanese army in them… or something like that… so because of that and the linkages to WWII trageties, the insole was stripped out.

The funny thing is if that was a problem, wouldn’t the whole sneaker also be a problem considering that it still based off of the Rising Sun flag? Just look at the profile of the sneaker…. hmmm… sure its not as direct, but its still there.

For all the hoopla, the sneaker still looks pretty good. I have seen in in NYC at least 3 times already and that was before the drama about the sneaker came up. Its a very smooth look for what for me seems a very hard sneaker to get the right colorway on. If I remember correctly back when they originally released they were popular but was  not the most loved Air Jordan sneaker release. Now that it is retroed (for a second or third time… I forget) and the nostalgia sets in, it would seem that they are more popular now than they originally released.

I think these will do well. They look really good and would make a great summer sneaker (that is, if it was summer… guess we can wear them next year). I expect to see these come out again in the summer of 2010.

For those who got the original with the rising sun insole I would say you are rather lucky to get the original concept. If you are a sneaker collector I would save those insoles. They are probably not gonna ever be worth anything, but it still a piece of sneaker history.

They are on sale at Eastbay right now and all the sizes are still available.

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