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Guess what else is on sale today… Air Jordan 16.5 in White, Varsity Red and Black

(this is one freakin fly ass sneaker)

I am not sure if this came out earlier this week or what, but one thing for sure is that it is flying under the radar right now with all the talk about the Air Jordan 12 Rising sun and that other fusion 13 atrosity of a sneaker (yeah… I really don’t like the Air Jordan Fusion 13’s and it would seem the sneakernets agree). This sneaker is really a good look. I think I did see someone wearing them but when I looked for them at the store and online they were nowhere to be found.

I hope I can get these, but it doesn’t look good right now… money is going to other things (GASP) and its hard just to keep the money that I set aside for the Air Joardn 11 Space Jams alone.

If I don’t get the Space Jams, I swear I will just freakin cry for like 3 weeks. Ever see a grown man cry for 3 weeks? (No, neither have I seen that but I can imagine that its terrible)

If you are going to get them, Eastbay got them online right now for $124.99 (which isn’t that bad actually). 3 colorways avaiable including the famous BRED colorway.

PS – Varsity Red VS Infrared

Notice that they used infrared for both colorways that have red in them (whoops! it looks like BRED isn’t as BRED as you may thing because it uses varsity red as part of its make up and so does the other colorway)…. would the BRED colorway have looked better in infrared? Hmmmmmm… The Infrared and Varsity Red battle continues…

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