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November ???th, 2009…. The Saga Continues!!!


NOVEMBER 4TH 11th ???TH 2009

(its looking like it will be the 30th… just putting the final touches on the site now…)

(don’t be surprised if you see something different here in the next week) is now

new main magazine page on

Maybe you guys have noticed its been a while since i last posted. Well, I have been trying to get things together behind the scenes to make the blog and website more helpful for those who want to know what is going on in the world of sneaker and shoe culture. I also wanted a way for people to see and research (if they want) any pair of sneakers or shoes from the past or any news stories that had happened over the course of the year.

Setting that up is a lot harder than I thought. Its one thing to set someone else’s sit up, but setting up your own is TOTALLY different.

You can see the VERY raw site from tme to time while I am putting things in place. 2 things I would like to highlight is the Gallery and the On Sale section.

With the Gallery its all about what the whole community is doing picture wise. it can be drawn images, people wearing their sneakers or whatever. its mostly focused on Flickr but can be anything. Wallpapers will also be apart of the Gallery as well as some other surprises.

As for the On sale section, I have added a map that will include location of as many stores and boutique sneaker, shoe and fashion shops that i can find. Mostly it will be centered in NYC but will eventually span out across the USA

I hope you guys hang in there. It will be worth the wait.

Some of the things you will see after November 11th:

  • New design for main site and blog
  • A better way to interact with people on the blog
  • Maps… what does that mean? You’ll find out
  • Special blog posts on specific days – Friday Fashion Review for example
  • Little tweaks in some categories and tags
  • And more.

All the improvements will happen during the month, but the main one… change in url… has already happened (in case you guys haven’t noticed… should have warned yall, my bad). The design theme (still working on that one) may be delayed a little bit but I hope to have that totally straitened out before November 11th.

Posting for this blog has been fun and I look forward to doing more cool stuff in the future. See yall next week! Remember, Nov 11th ???th!!!! Mark it down somewhere.

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