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For The Grown and Sexy: UBIQ 2009 Fall/Winter Bo-Ro

UBIQ 2009 Fall-Winter Bo-Ro

(now this is a nice look for the gentlemen)

UBIQ is doing its thing for fall of ’09 for real. All the colorways look really fresh and will be easy to match up to current and new gear. Not sure how long those buttons will last ofter wearing them more than a few weeks but I like the uniqueness of them and would find myself a shoe repair shop if I started loosing buttons if that were to happen.

If you want, you can get it at Atmos… just be sure to translate the page cause it aint in English.

Description example:

The image of BUTTONED-DOWN SHIRT “BO-RO” is designed to見立Teta Shaft collar, lace shoe is part of the original image is made in the neck. Removes Shuresuhoru dare, buttons are used to substitute materials of palm trees. The attention to detail can be seen as a place to adopt and switch the dot-patterned shirt. In addition, the tongue is attached a rubber shoe, remove the cord, and can be worn as a decorated Surippon specifications.

LOL What is “Shuresuhoru”?

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