The Life and Culture of Kicks

So Which Hyperpizer Are You? Just Call Me Velvet Hoop lol

I just be hyperizing

(this is as corn ball as it gets… but it works for me)

Glad I saw the whole video cause seeing it in pieces didn’t work for me when I saw it on TV. I can’t imagine it worked for many other people either because it really seemed like something was missing. Now knowing the whole story, I actually like the idea way more than when i first saw it months ago.

Of which makes me wonder; As the basketball season goes on I wonder if they will continue with they Hyperizer movement or will the whole idea and commercials fade away? I guess we will find out.

1280x1024_shamelesswallpaper from Footlocker

(just shameless)

I just be hyperizing 2

Will they continue the hyperizer movement? (lol I can’t believe I just asked that twice in one post). I guess if they don’t I will just have to just live my life…. hey ho hey ho

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