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Super Sale: Guess What’s On Sale? Air Force 1 Mid “barkley pack”

air force 1 mid barkley pack

(I remember a time when I wanted this sneaker SOOO bad)

If i am not mistaken, when this sneaker originally came out it cost somewher north of 150 bucks. One thing is for sure, it didn’t cost $65 dollars. Keep in mind that I never shopped at Lacelocked before but from what I hear from other sneaker blogs, its an ok place to buy stuff  from and they are not fakes.

Again, I never bought anything from them as of yet, but if you want to give them a try, then take a shot. I wouldn’t mention LaceLocked if they didn’t show up on other accredited sneaker  blogs.

I will say thing about buying sneakers (or shoes) online from places that you may not have heard of before you because a sneaker (or shoe) collector, when I shop at these places to test them out, I use a special card just for those places. if everything is on the up and up, them maybe I will use my regular card 9or my main PayPal account).

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