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How’d I Miss this? Pony X9 Limted Edition Stichpunk Sneakers

Pony X9 Limted Edition Stichpunk Sneakers


So the movie been out for a while now. I am not sure how I missed this considering I am either looking for sneakers online or reading sneaker blog like almost every day (and I have NiceKicks iPhone/Touch App and get updates daily). So how did I miss it?

I did a little research on them and it would seem that many sneaker blogs missed this one (except for Sneaker Obsession… I guess because they are obsessed with sneakers lol) and that’s too bad because they actually look pretty nice and have a few features that make them rather unique.

Here is a quote from Pony’s website:

Pony is ecstatic to partner with Universal Pictures and Focus Films on this amazing shoe to pay homage to the vision of 9. This limited-edition run of 99 pairs of shoes will be distributed via an online sweepstakes with retailer Hot Topic. The shoes will be issued on 9/9/09 to coincide with the theatrical release of director Shane Acker’s film. Keep your eyes peeled at Hot Topic stores around the US for more information on how to win one of these pairs!

Never heard of a store called Hot Topic, but I guess that is the idea of being part of the promotion… so that people can know the store exists. Sometime I guess soon we are to expect some info on how to win a pair. Don’t know why it not ready now, but I guess there is some rhyme to their reason.

Pony X9Limited Edition Tongue and Laces Detail

What are those unique features that the sneaker has? How about glow in the dark soles, detailed stitching and a “9” shoe lace accessoryory and more. I have to say this is one crazy detailed sneaker.

Pony X9Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Soles

(it glows in the dark… this seems to be a fad for kicks to glow these days)

Pony X9Limited Edition Close-Up

(nice finishing touch)

The glow in the dark sole and other details really makes this sneaker work for me. Even with all the details it still seems like a rally simple sneaker. This would be some cool kicks to wear for Halloween.

The site says they didn’t release yet, but reading what looks to be a marketing  news publication, they should have released already. Don’t know what happened, if they released or who won. Despite that, its still a nice pair of kicks.

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