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Already Dirty Sneakers: Golden Goose Laid A Ready To Wear Egg… and it will cost you

Golden Goose Dirty Sneakers(don’t have to worry about them getting dirty)

So the question of the day is would you buy a pair of sneakers that is already dirty? What if it was a boot, would you do it? How about a Nike Dunk, would you get it? Its an interesting concept and it was so good that it sold out in the one online store I have seen for it. I have no idea how much it originally cost but considering the “already worn” boots from Golden Goose being $1,000+ dollars I am sure it wasn’t cheep.

Ready to wear… the new thing in the foowear industry? If the ones above don’t float you boat, try these… and yes the price of entry is not at the low end. And you thought the Nike Air Yeezy was expensive lol

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