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So Just What Would A Jordan Sneaker From adidas Look Like?

(I think this would be an interesting contest… yes?)

I would love to know what a adidad version of the Air Jordan (well, I guess it wouldn’t be “Air”… maybe “bounce” or something) would look like. The Shoe Game posted the video first and the comments on the video is crazy, but the one thing really left out was what WOULD it really look like.

So I was thinking of doing some of my own doodles and come up with a adidas line for Micheal Jordan…. but then I was thinking why not also ask the Shoe Game communitty to come up with some concepts? Heck, why not also ask some of those artists at the Kicks On Fire community and maybe NikeTalk  too and see what they come up with.

So I am going to ask, and then post it. I  guess people can vote on which adidas Jordan is the best or most likely to have happened. Until then, enjoy your holiday weekend! I am sure most of the sneakernets and the shoelovers are away for the weekend so it will be a slow weekend, but take heart because Tuesday is when it all starts all over again!

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