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Nike iD Air Max 2009+ has Arrived… but the sneakernets reaction is a blank stare

Nike Air Max 2009 iD

(why no one love me? me love you long time)

Cost of admission: $185 (yes it costs more)

The Air Max 2009+ (the most comfortable sneaker I have EVER worn beating out the Reebok DMX 10 as the most comfortable sneaker) has come to Nike iD and the sneaker blogs made sure their peoples knew about it.

But then there was a dead silence.

As you may or may not know, there are like a billion trillion sneaker and fashion blogs out there. Some are popular and get crazy amounts of comments, others are popular but don’t, then there are the rest who are cool to go and see what going on but are not that popular.

Nike Air Max 2009 iD Black Gold

(what I call Black Gold Runner)

The popular blogs that get allot comments (sometimes over 100 like for the Air Jordan Fusion 13 drama) have posted the news of the Air Max 2009 Nike iD, but guess hat happened.

Either very few comments, or no comments at all.

Usually this is bad news. It usually means no one cares; no positive or negative comments on the sneaker or shoe. The sneakernets not caring enough to say anything about it on popular blogs that usually get comments is not a good sign.

Nike Air Max 2009 iD Ronald McDonald

(one of the default Nike iD Looks… I call it the Ronald McDonald)

Nike Air Max 2009 iD Dark Mountain PiNK

(Pink Mountain)

But that is not a rule that is always true. I would say its 60% true, but I haven’t (yet) put enough data behind it to see just how true it is. I just go to the streets and see what people are wearing verse what people are saying about it online and make the judgement.

I do see plenty of Air Max 2009+ on the streets though. I think word caught on about it because it really is just soooooo freakin comfortable to pass up. Some comments on sneaker blogs is that its to expensive, but believe me, its worth it. Its totally its worth it.

Lets hope people take advantage of the Nike iD for the Air Max 2009+ They got some nice color schemes from the community on there. Hopefully I will remember to try to post some of the peoples colorway creations.

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