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Digging In The Sneaker Crates: Bobizzo Video For Nike Head T-Shirt


Nike Head T-Shirt by Capital (CPTL)

(the t-shirt may not be that much safer for/at work either LMAO)

And I am not sure you want to see the other one, but here is the link. Not getting political here but aint Bobizzo worried that the government will try to get at him? lol Maybe this is why his site is still under construction (like I am one to talk lol)

damn Bobizzo got connections

(Bobizzo site under construction… nice construction)

(oh and if you want, go to their official eBay site)

I first saw this t-shirt on Nicekicks (I think) and I have to admit that I really was like “I got to get this t-shirt”. Then I started seeing other t-shirts that really spoke to the people who are into sneakers and shoes. People who are sneakerheads and people who aspire to be sneaker heads but might not take itas far would love these type of t-shirts.

I don’t know if this was the first one to represent footwear freaks and the sneaker community, but its the first one I remember and only second to “I Got 99 Proboblems But My Kicks Aint One” by Sneaktip

Those 2 t-shirts officially kicked (gett it? kicked?) off for me and what I think is  now a small love affiar with sneaker t-shirts (I don’t think I will be wearing t-shirts about mens… and definiatly not womens… shoes… guess though I am a footwear/foot freak in denial lol)

T-shirts and sneakers; perfect together!

Just digging in those sneaker crates…. October 11 2008

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