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Space Jams Releasing… in December?

You know I just love reading comments and seeing videos from people who love (or no love) what they get. Nightwing2303 gave us a look at a pair of sneakers he purchased from VMV Inc online. It is a good video of the sneaker if you wanted even more views of them.

Nightwing2303 did a follow up comment on The Shoe Game:

Sorry about my lack of enthusiasm lol! That is what I sound like when I am excited… Im just real laid back. If I saw MJ himself in the flesh, on the inside I would be acting like an Nsync fan who just had Timberlake’s sweat drip on their shirt but on the outside I stay fairly reserved. I was excited however but also slightly disappointed the more I had inspected them. There are quite a few things that didnt sit right with me, the warped ankle area was just the most obvious. There were glue marks on the patent area, the leather on the heal had been put on a little sloppy AND the side panel of one of the shoes already had a fat crease on the patent leather?!?! How do you crease the SIDE of the damn shoe? Anyways, I am happy I got them since I had spent all my hard earned savings for the concords back in ‘01 (I was in high school so I was broke) so I missed the Jams… and I still “miss” them now like someone else said on here, they arent really space jam XIs they are retro XIs in a black varsity royal and white makeup. But F-it I just love shoes.

So that’s that.

I was going to get 2 pair of these Space Jams but I agree that quality is down with JB. Now its true that not every sneaker is going to be made perfectly (they must make thousands of these so a pair or 2 will  be messed up), I do think there is a consistent quality (or lack thereof) that has been going on with Jordans (retros specifically).

Space Jams releasing in December?

I hoe to see a confirmation of this. Otherwise I think they are coming out on Black Friday in November. But Nike has surprised us in the past (black on black Half Cent Penny’s anyone?) so i guess its a wait and see.

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