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Wow… $460 Bucks For The Air Jordan 11 SPACE JAM

Air Jordan 11 Space Jams Available Early at SupremexClientele

(that’s a whole lot of dough… talk about braking bread)

And I quote from

The shoes will be $175 when they release later this year, but if you want to get them early, eBay seller SUPREMExCLIENTELE is offering them with Buy It Now’s for $460…about $300 more than the sticker price.

Is $460 too much to, not only get yours first, but to ensure you get them at all? There were some complaints about the price and it being so far above the original $175 (which is also higher than the original cost of the AJ11’s) but I would conclude that this is one special sneaker release and people want the early beat on these sneakers.

And school is starting soon too

And in NYC you have the Labor Day parade and all the parties the few days before the parade. That’s a whole lot of showing off your swagger (gawd I hate that word).

I wish/hope that Brand Jordan makes sure that there are enough AJ11’s to buy even though it is a limited release. I had no problem getting the “quickstrike” and “limited” of a few Jordans (which made me wonder if quickstrike and limited means the same thing anymore), but I just hope that when they say limited for the AJ11, what it really means is “hurry up and get to the store but you don’t have to stand online”.

More info and shots of the AJ11 on

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