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For The Grown and Sexy: Lanvin High Trainer for Fall-Winter 2009

Lavin High Trainer - FallWinter 2009 -

(so these are trainers h’uh?)

These are some fly ass sneakers. It does have a look that I am sure you would have to specifically like (aka it may not be for everyone), but it still has swagger (gawd I am starting to hate that word) and if you can rock them, go ahead with your bad self.

I dare someone to actually use these sneaker as trainers.

Info from FreshnessMag:

With Alber Elbaz’s efforts, Lanvin is not only a purveyor of well made designer dresses, it is now synonymous with swanky, luxury trainers for men who embraced sneakers growing up and are ready to take their rubber soled kicks to the next level. This season, the casual footwear collection is solid with a liberal use of premium material such as jersey felt, suede and leather that it almost seems offensive to call these numbers “casual”.

So guys if this is what you want, why not? And if you are in NYC

505 Greenwich Street | Map
New York, New York 10013
TEL #: 212-925-0882

You may want to stop by there to check out the sneaker. More info on FreshnessMag. Aloha Rag website here.

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