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Air Jordan X OnePiece 2006 Promo Samples… in safety orange of all colors

Air Jordan X - One-Piece - 2006 Promo Samples Safety Orange and Navy


I am this close in making this the official sneaker to represent the Save-A-Sneaker lol I swear what in the colorway hell is this?

I will admit I love the idea of a one piece and I think Gourmet (with those tribute sneakers to Jordan that had a love/hate reaction)  also thought it was a good idea enough to do it. Its too bad that they didn’t or maybe its good that they didn’t with safety orange as a colorway.

I love how sneaker (and shoe) companies push the envelop. I hope my criticisms don’t scare them into not taking chances (like my blog is that popular lol) but this right here has to be one of the less-better idea.

2 colorways were tried and let me just say that the navy one is the better choice (but it still looks a little odd though). See more on

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  1. Anyone who’s really into safety and sneakers should have a look at the new Redbrick 2010 Collection, offering not only ultimate safety for your feet (with both toe and sole protection), but unprecedented comfort and great looks as well. Brand new line of safety footwear. consisiting or many models. Just introduce in the Netherlands. I have already heard someone calling his new pair “his footish”.

    May 6, 2010 at 7:11 am

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