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New Ride Force Field Toe Box De-Creasers on Finishline

Force Fields

(because your toe box needs decreasing)

Ok, I never used any of these de-creaser type product and I am not sure I ever will (mostly because I am scared they will mess up my sneakers). So why did I post this? Mostly because I was browsing Finishline earlier today and I came across it… and the fact that 5 people reviewed it (way more than the usual 0 -2 people who comment) seemed like an opperunity to ask a question:

Does this stuff really work?

According to those commenting it could seem to be the best thing since the creation of sneaker themselves… just don’t play ball in the sneaker and expext them to be comforable, as one of the comenters have stated.

The overall rating is about 3.6 on Finishline and cost $10.00. I may try it on a pair that isn’t as important to me (but they all have special memories *starts to cry*) and see what happens.

One response

  1. King City Fashion

    I am interested to resale your products in my retail shoes store.

    Best Regards,

    Salah Algrami
    King City Fashion
    1108 E. Pontiac St
    Fort Wayne IN 46803

    August 2, 2012 at 11:57 pm

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