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On Sale: Cole Haan Zoom Flywire at Zappos

Cole Haan Zoom Flywire

(flywire on a NON-Nike sneaker? what the…)

Cole Haan Zoom Flywire - CLOSE UP

(close-up of sneakers and yes you can almost see-through it)

Here we go again! Cole Haan has another shoe (amongst many apparently) that have Nike technology in them. I think this is one of a couple of pushes to get what is used in sneakers to be put in shoes (Rockport at one time used Reebok DMX technology). Can you imagine using comfort technology that is usually put into performance sneakers and put them into casual shoes and high heels?


Cole Haan Zoom Flywire in Fuschia

(Cole Hann Zoom Flywire in Fuschia)

The sneaker comes in 3 colorways and they all look pretty good. If you’re into low profile cushioning and soles, this may be for you. This is definalty for those who want something smooth, light and casual to wear. I assume this is more for adults than the highschool set, but don’t let that stop you if you are in highschool and are looking for something smooth and tasteful.

It costs allot though but it is pretty trendy looking sneaker. Entry price is $171.95 (interesting number for a price) and Zappos has plenty of sizes left (and even widths!!! There is a shoe gawd!)

The reviews on Zappos (all three of them lol) are more than positive on them. Only time will tell if these snakers are something to get even with the high price tage.


Also avaiable in mens sizes and colorways.

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