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Cipher Does Sneaker Freaker… and what a spread

Cipher LookBook on Sneaker Freaker

(I have to say this is really nice)

Check out the lookbook (I guess you can call it a lookbook) and read the interview that Sneaker Freaker had with  Cipher. Here is a clip:

Sneaker Freaker: Hey Collin, you restarted Cipher last year, how did the year work for you?

It was a shaky start, got rough through the middle, but I’m happy to say it closed out well. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished and how we’ve grown as people and as a company. We’re planning some really creative projects and products for 2009.

Sneaker Freaker: Your brand Cipher has been around since 2003.

I’ve been bugging Woody for years now, I remember when we were discussing SF8 and getting Cipher in there, but we were really small then! Well it really started after I finished film school, I really loved Wong Kar Wai films, and always wanted to come out to Hong Kong, so I did, and I just kind of fell into this. It was a little difficult for me to imagine ever directing or producing a feature length film, as I wanted to do something more immediate and still creative. My brother had a tee and hoodie thing going on, and I wanted to get in on it but do something different. I noticed a lot of skate kids with the most busted sneakers so I was like, ‘I’ll design some sneakers.’

If this is what they are going to make, I think Cipher has some promise for the future. These sneakers look good and are colored very nice. Definaitly a sneaker you should want to collect. As seen on Sneaker Freaker.

Just diggin in the sneaker crates… originally published on Sneaker Freaker in May  of 2009

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