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I Love ACG and Sneaker Freaker Did A Special On It

ACG Sneaker Freaker Special

(I love me some ACG’s… ok, ok, not all of them lol)

Sneaker Freaker has a special on ACG, where the idea come from, and other such info that I am sure ACG fans would want to know.

I bought 2 Air Mowabbs myself (different colorways and yes I got the purple and dark brown one) and I have plenty of those Nike ACG boots.

Here is a quote from part one:

For gear that was designed solely for the outdoors, you’d think ACG would look suspiciously antisocial in the urban environment, but that’s never been the case. The consistent hallmark of all Nike shoe design is performance, but they also generally look good in any application and ACG just might be the pinnacle of this dual achievement. Lightweight sneakers for the outdoors that are versatile has been the ethos, but there is no doubting the freedom the designers have had to push the limit.

And now one from part two:

Sneaker Freaker: When an anniversary’s on there’s a tendency to bring out all the retro hits… it seems like you’re going to resist that temptation?

Stewart Horner:
We have resisted it as much as possible and tried to not do the obvious. ACG has always been about breaking away from the norm a little bit. Even in our own world we try and do things a
little bit differently to the bigger Nike brand. There will be some NSW releases of ACG, particularly the Magma and we are using the Mowabb for example, but more from a colour perspective. Overall though, you can still definitely see the vintage flavour in the new stuff.

Its a must read. And you have to see some of the kicks that they came up with. That flywire boot is no joke.

Sneaker Freaker magazine

(if you want, you can get the past issue of Sneaker Freaker here)

Whats in Issue 14 tht is so special?

– Insane 20 page feature on the history of Nike ACG
– Reebok Freestyle
– Sekure D’s Guide to Customizing
– Jor One’s Advice on how to make a living doing customs
– Best of the Best Sneakers from 2008
– hundreds of new releases
– Nike SB Veloce
– Nash Money custom BW Bushwalkers
– DIY McFlys – how to make a pair of the Nike Back the Future shoes!
– Proper x Vans
– Guide to matching your kicks and threads

Just digging in those sneaker creates… November 2008

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