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On Sale: Cole Haan Air Caprice Strap at Zappos

Cole Haan Air Caprice Strap

(a high heel that is ACTUALLY comfortable?)

Cole Haan Air Caprice Strap - sole

(all yours for$ 201USD)

I have been wondering for a while since I decided to cover sneakers and shoes culture and products, why don’t high heels have technology like adidas or Nike when it comes to cushioned support?

Why do the ladies have to buy something from Doctor Scholls or Rite-Aid brand cushions or whatever else is out there to protect your feet? Why not have air or some special zoom tech to cushion the female foot in these 6 inch monsters?

Looking at many of the more expensive shoes for women, they almost never talk about comfort or any technology that makes them a little bit more comfortable.

Then Cole Haan steps into the high heel debate and gives the ladies something more comfortable.

Here are the details from Zappos:

  • Get stand-out style from these amazing wedges.
  • Patent leather, metallic leather or combination snake-embossed leather and canvas upper.
  • Leather lining.
  • Padded footbed.
  • NIKE AIR Technology in the heel and forefoot for added comfort.
  • 3/4″ platform with stitch detailing.
  • Textured rubber sole.

I have heard from a couple of people on Twitter that these are pretty comfortable. The reviews on Zappos are not very telling but for the 4 who did review it, out of 5 stars they get 4.

Sizes 5 – 11 in womens are still available and will drain your wallet at around 201 USD.

If you bought these and like them (or don’t like them) please comment.

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