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adidas SLVR Collection is pretty interesting

adidas SLVR Collection for women

(do you think you can work this look?)

This is an interesting looking sneaker/shoe/high heel for the ladies. Its sort of a big mix of all 3 and I am not sure if it does it well (probably need to see it in person), but it sure is a looker and you WILL get attention to your feet wearing them; no question. I think the lady wearing these will do well to get something to match for sure. This is one high heeled sneaker that DEMANDS you to dress for them and not the otherway around.

Here is a quote from Sneaker Freaker about this sneaker and the collection:

Launched early this year with a tagline boast of being ‘Simply Perfect’, this new range from adidas is a cocky start to a whole new ballgame. Whilst SLVR appears to be a high fashion concept, adidas PR describes it as ‘affordable, attainable and ultimately wearable’ which, given prices for the footwear are all under €130, seems fair enough. Perhaps the most interesting SLVR footwear innovation is what the shoes don’t have. Like the deadpan Stan Smiths of yesteryear, the range has no adidas branding, no trefoil and zero stripes. The only indication of a maker’s mark are three horizontal bars. There’s also tote bags, socks and a line of classically basic clothing that
has a slight sport tinge to it, and even SLVR flip flops.

Tote bags, flip flops, low cost aka affordable (well lower cost than high end 200+ dollar sneakers) and only those in the know will actually know your footwear is from adidas.

Adidas Slvr Collection iew from the back

(its always  interesting to look at the backside… of a shoe)

(yall got dirty minds)

adidas Slvr Collection womens in BLACK

(SLVR in all black)

Ok ladies (and I guess some gentlemen) whether you are into this look or not, you have to head over to Sneaker Freaker and see all the pictures they have on this shoe and other within the collection so far. Sneaker Freaker has more than 10+ shots of the sneaker including the flip flops.

Whether pro or con on these kicks right here, seeing what adidas is going to do with this concept is something to be interested in.

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