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On Sale: Luichiny Women’s ‘Maven’ High-heel Sandals at Overstock

Luichiny Women's 'Maven' High-heel Sandals(they look like they hurt… so you know they will look HAWT)

(and yes, they have a video for the shoe too on Overstock)

Ladies, ladies, ladies…. please, I am just trying to help lol Allot of my picks are just on a design and sex-iness point of view from what a guy would like to see who just happens to be into footwear. if you  don’t know, sneakerheads tend to be leaders (now where did I read that???) and if that’s what you want, you got to get your shoe game up. I think this may help just a little.

No sure if this is a collectable though… so I will leave that alone

Only sizes 7-10 left. its on Overstock so you know its a super sale. Current price $39.99


  • Sexy sandals are a warm weather must-have
  • Women’s shoes are available in bronze and silver color options
  • Peep toe sandals have a 4-inch heel
  • Heel cup has a zipper for easy entry
  • Vamp composed of 11 straps

Remember ladies, it also helps if you can cook too… (awe man, I know I am gonna get in trouble for that one)

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