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Looks Like Finishline Stepped Its Game Up: Updated Website

Updated FinishLine

(looks like we got ourselves a updated site)

While browsing the net for new sneakers and shoes on sale, I headed to FinishLine (as usual) and noticed that the site got updated just a touch. It now features a slide show of featured items, links to your favorite sneaker lines, and tags to your, ou guessed it, favorite sneaker lines as well as specific sneakers or shoes on sale.

And a nice touch, some footwear companies get a special landing page (sometimes I hate that because I want to go directly to the sneakers) that actually looks good and is useful. Reeboks landing page (when you click on the category tag REEBOK) actually has info on it I want to see and they CLEARLY mark where I can click to get to the kicks I want to see (or all the kicks they have at Finishline)

Oh and check this out:

Finishline-Limited Edition page

Limited Edition Finishline Landing Page

Nice. Looks like somebody is noticing sneaker culture (they are not the only ones giving a nod to sneaker/shoe lovers). They even have a retro page. Nice way to step it up Finishline

Now lets see what Eastbay has to say about this.

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