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Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow

Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow

(why not have a shoe tht shape changes??? lol)

I Have Such a backlog in sneaker and shoe posts that its crazy! While browsing the net in search of some cool kicks to post about, I find these bad boys on

What is it called,  you ask? Inchworm.

If your wondering what adult would wear such an item then you are thinking about the wrong age group. This lovely shoe that expands is primatily made for the kids… fast growing kids to be more precise:

While (unsurprisingly) targeted primarily to children there seems no reason why this brilliant Inchworm expanding shoe concept could not be applied to young-adult and even fully adult shoe sizes – after all, feet are never fully fixed in size and shape and it would be great to adjust even slightly for comfort in different situations.

Expanding Shoes from Inchworm

Would you get your kids a pair of sneakers that grow with them? These shoes are designed to last at least 3-6 months longer than the normal shoe because it can expand.

Expanding shoes for kids… what will they think of next (other than flashing lights, baby heels and shoes with wheels on the bottom)?

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