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Apparently, The Half Cent Penny Hybrid Has Released In Some (1) Store(s)

Dark Knight Black on Black HALF CENT PENNY

(FootAction did a surprise release????)

Can they give a brother a break? I mean seariously, I have been wanting these kicks for a minute now, waiting for ANY news that has to do with there release and then BAM like a brick wall in the face at 50 miles an hour I see a Tweet from @Nicekicks about someone buying a pair at a FootAction in NYC… MY HOMETOWN!!!

Can’t get over there… don’t have the money set aside for them even if I could… and they will be probably gone by the time I do get there… well, lets hope that other stores release this sometime next week so that maybe I can get one too.


Now wit video from someone who went to go and get it:

I am still in shock. I am also quite mad as well, but i have to admit that this could actually be a way for people who really want to buy the sneaker to wear or keep can actually get them and avoid those people who buy them just to sell them for cash.

Hmmmm… I wonder if this will set the sneaker-nets on fire this week as the word gets passed around.

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