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On Sale: Nike Zoom LeBron VI Low at Eastbay

Celbrity Feet Lebron James Nike Zoom Lebron VI Low

(the internets likes… but maybe wearing your own MVP shirt was a bit much)

I am not a fan of the LBJ VI Lows but this particular colorway just makes the sneaker shine. I guess there is much to be said about a white/black with red colorway that just screams “buy me” and “wear me”.

Nike Zoom LeBron VI Low in Red

(^^^nice looking kicks… best colorway so far^^^)

As for LeBron walking around with the LBJ MVP t-shirt… I had no problem with it, but I can understand some comments made on Sneakernews post about it being “cheesy” that he was wearing his own MVP tee. Whatever… the outfit worked and I have to admit that the tee looks real nice. I like the RUN DMC reference too. Can’t go wrong with that.

LeBron VI Low in white(the white ones look pretty good too)

(but they sold out of them)

On sale for $89.99 of which isn’t a bad price. I don’t know if you can play in them like Kobe’s low tops, but its worth a shot lol

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