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Under Armour REALLY Wants to Get Into Basketball

Under Armour - bj-2

(not a bad look… this may work)

Under Armour Kool Bob Love Prototype - Outside

(there is just something I like about this sneaker)

It looks like Under Armour wants in on the basketball sneaker game. Under Armour is known for being the athletic sneaker that you wear for work outs. If you are serious about staying in shape, then you are wearing Under Armour (at least that is what they want you to believe). Nike used to be the forefront of exercise and staying in shape but lets fce it, allot of people wear the sneakers as a fashion statement then to actually work out in.

So anyway, in a nut shell, I guess Under Armour wants people who are serious about being the best in the game to want to wear their sneaker. I don’t expect fashion sneakers from them (just yet) but I am glad that their first entry into basketball actually looks good.

The only bad news for Under Armour’s prototype is that many people online have been saying that it looks too much like some other sneaker. Reeboks come up (Iverson), and the  LeBron Soldier also comes up a few times. I sort of see it, but I think the sneaker still holds is own as far as looks.

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One response

  1. Robert

    Look sharp!!

    July 20, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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