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Heelarious… Because Babies Need Heels Too

Sadie - Heelarious Baby High Heels

(I am just not to sure about this one)

These are cute, but a baby in soft flexible high heels? I am not too sure about this one. I guess there will be times when its just the cutest thing you ever seen… while other ties its like dude, let the baby be a baby for crying out loud.

Nevertheless, the company is creating real buzz over the highly totally unfunctinal high heel baby booty. They hit the news curcuit like Nike got hit with a lawsuit (I’m sorry I just had to throw that in there)? The Today Show, MSNBC, CBS News… the list is quite impressive. and the shoes are pretty ok, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

So is it a good idea? Does it sort of sexualize the baby or does it just make the baby look darling and so cute?

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