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On Flickr: ATHLETE Director Dave’s Pics – Michael Jordan by ATHLETE Director Dave

ATHLETE Director Dave's Pics - Michael Jordan by ATHLETE Director Dave

(there is a story behind this one)

This is a scale stutue of Jordan doing what Jordan does. But of course Athlete Director Dave has more info behind the picture.

Here are the details of the statue:By ATHLETE Director Dave

ATHLETE Director Dave - Micheal Jordan Statue Collectible

Name: Michael Jordan Pro Shots (1988 Slam Dunk Champion)
Designer / Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Origin: Made in China
Acquired From: Toys “R” Us – Times Square, NYC
Fun Factor: Low
Comments: It’s been about 11 months since my last desk toy post. And yes, this one is another collectible figure of one my sports heroes, His Airness. Fun fact: figure was sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, a special effects company that has worked on films ranging from “Fight Club” to “Benjamin Button” (and they produce collectible toys).

You can follow him on Twitter (I have already done so) and you can follow more pics of The ATHLETE Defined Project here.

As seen in the Sneaker Pimps photo pool. If you have a flickr account and have taken shots of your kicks then join and post them. Remember to follow the rules.

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