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Sneaker News:Dangling Sneakers and Shoes On A Fence = Economic Woes

Dangling shoes on fenceI, like most people in the US, have felt the sting of the current economicmess. Maybe not as bad as other people have had (like loosing their home or job) but nevertheless I too have felt some impact.

As I was browsing for news stories on sneakers or shoes, I came across this news story about the loss of funding for a charity that runs a shelter for domestic violence victims due to the tightening of funds for non-profits like these.

Linda Healy, the executive director of the shelter, says that the cut is so high, that they will be forced to close the shelter.

Here is a quote from the article:

Dozens of shoes dangle from a wrought-iron fence surrounding a 19th century mansion for battered women and children, which plans to close its doors on July 1.

The flip-flops, tiny pink baby sneakers and crutches are token reminders of those once served by the Mutual Ground Inc shelter, which last year housed 400 people but is now another victim of the crisis in U.S. social services amid a deep recession.

“If somebody dies, I’m not going to have it on my head,” said Linda Healy, executive director of the nonprofit agency that runs the shelter in Aurora, a Chicago suburb where domestic violence is the third-most reported crime.


It’s a different take on the idea of hanging your shoes on a phone wire or on a tree. It takes on a different meaning depending on where you go. Here, though, it represents the lives effected by the economic mess.

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