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La La Loves Her Shoes

La La - my favorite shoes in my whole closet

Ok ladies, I have been ignoring your shoes for too long. Mad stuff has come out already but I didn’t say a word. Hopefully that will change in the next week. But to hold you over I do have some shoe news for the ladies. La La is a Twitter fiend! She posts on more stuff than you probably want to know. While I was looking for this Pink Range Rover she wanted to sell on eBay on her TwitPic profile, I cam across these pics of her shoes.

Now I am a little slow in the ladies shoe game so without La La saying what they are from, I just have no idea who made them. Some of the commenters on the pic said it was from LV.

Then there is this pair:

comforable but who made them

Of which leads me to beg the question: do women just not give out this info? If it was a guy we would have said it at least 3 times already unless the sneaker has NIKE emblazed on the sneaker. What’s the deal ladies?

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