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New LeBron VII! Now With Flywire!

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7

(this has ALLOT of potential with colorways)

(and you know LeBron and Nike can come up with colorways)

You know LeBron had his down moments this year loosing to Dwight Howard’s team in the finals, and that terrible display of sportsmanship for not shaking hands for the winners and no press conference (and some crap about winners don’t like to loose… winners don’t like to wine about losing either), but this maybe his comeback sneaker.

Not only is it using flywire but it seems to also be using the new Air Max bag. What, no more Zoom? No more double stacked Zoom either? Not sure if that is a good move but I will have to wait for more info. I have to admit my Air Max 2009+ is FAR more comfortable than the Air Max 360 (and that is saying allot because the 360 was pretty comfortable).

I wonder if Brand Jordan is watching… can’t even IMAGINE  a Air Jordan line with a Air Max cushion for comfort.

And here is another strange thing that may not last too long… the LeBron branding Lion isn’t anywhere to be seen.

I personally like the complex lion look . I sort of miss it here, but I don’t mind it too much that it is not there. Fortunately for me, the LJ23 symbol does manage to find its way to the sneaker.

Nike Air Max LeBron VII 7 pt2

(depending on the color, that air bag will be hot)

Now that is poetic justice. Don’t know why it is, but it is. I think this sneaker will be THE sneaker to get (of course this depends on the colorways… but as I wrote earlier, they do a great job with colorways and special editions).

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One response

  1. i want those in black! wonder if they’re light.. most lbj’s are too heavy but i love the looks

    August 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm

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